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Related Party Transactions (Details)

Related Party Transactions (Details) - Dr. Vitolo [Member]
Mar. 06, 2020
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Related Party Transactions (Textual)  
Agreement, description Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, the Company agreed to pay Dr. Vitolo severance of $200,000 in accordance with his employment contract. In addition, Dr. Vitolo's options granted under the Company's 2014 Stock Option and Equity Incentive Plan will continue to vest until September 6, 2020. Dr. Vitolo shall have until March 6, 2021 to exercise his vested options and he shall be allowed to use a cashless exercise provision to exercise his vested options. The Agreement also contains customary confidentiality, release, and non-disparagement provisions, and the Company agreed to pay accrued and unpaid salary, vacation time and attorneys fees totaling approximately $45,000.
Attorneys fees $ 45,000